Deepika clarifies Condom Controversy….

>> Monday, November 22, 2010

The recent comment made by Deepika Padukone, on Koffee with karen, about she gifting Ranbir Kapoor a condom, has raised a storm in the media.
While on the chat show with karan, during the rapid fire round, some of Deepika’s replies surprised both the host and the co-guest Sonam Kapoor.
When Deepika was asked what she would like to gift Ranbir, she said it would be “a pack of condoms”
The comment was perceived in different ways by the media. But Deepika, in a recent interview said that the comment was made tongue-in-cheek and need to be taken in light vein.
“It’s all in good humour. It’s not targeted at anybody…there is no negativity towards anyone. People need to have a sense of humour. If I go and sit quietly and be politically correct, it would have been so boring,” said Deepika who is quite surprised at all the tamasha over her comment.


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