Bigg Boss contestants boycott Dolly

>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dolly Bindra’s wild card entrance in ‘Bigg Boss 4′ home is absolutely a huge blow to Shweta’s ego. Till in recent times, Shweta was a lone contender for the captain’s position in ‘Bigg Boss’ kitchen, but now, it looks like Dolly has chose to fight with Shweta by conquering her territory (kitchen of the house). The fact that Dolly and Shweta are arch rivals is known to everybody.
Dolly yesterday recommended some changes in the work structure of the house. Taking her suggestions into consideration skipper Manoj Tiwari called for a poll to decide the best captain for the kitchen. This small poll led to a big cat fight between the ladies. Soon Dolly was seen dragging personal issues into the fight. Gradually both of them started accusing and alleging each other.
The fight left Shweta totally shattered. After the huge fight all the inmates in the house under the captaincy of Manoj Tiwari decided to boycott Dolly. They were upset with Dolly for using abusive language during the fight.


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