Vivek and Priyanka step into wedded life

>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vivek Oberoi is lastly stepping into the ‘just married’ status, with his wedding on in full swing in Bangalore. As there have been so many speculations about, where the wedding was being held, to the celebrity guests to be present there, the cooking, the clothing of the bride and groom, everything was quite hush hush, but then, these things also leaked out!
Reports are that, this wedding is one of the most high-end weddings of the year. He married Priyanka Alva, the girl, who his parents have chosen for him. She is a management graduate.Reports pouring in are that the the bride looked lovely, the bridegroom was as handsome as ever, and the baarati’s were being looked after very well.
Amid the great cuisine served at the wedding, there was the phera ceremony, which started a little later, around 11 pm, says report.


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