Imran should learn inter-personal skills from his GF

>> Friday, July 24, 2009


Luck star Imran Khan might be running out of luck with certain members of the industry because of his haughty attitude. He was at a shoot for a fashion magazine recently as part of the promotion leading up to his film’s release. However, he didn’t seem interested in the shoot or what was happening. He was grumpy and irritable the entire time, complaining either about the clothes that were brought to him, or his make-up. His sour mood made it quite a task for the photographer to get the right frames for the magazine.

Soon, the photographer himself was at the receiving end of Imran’s fire because the star was upset with the photographer for taking too long to finish. His girlfriend Avantika, meanwhile, patiently sat through his tantrum, talking to everybody in the studio from the hairstylist to the assistants, being very cordial and friendly. Clearly, he should learn some skills from his girlfriend


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