Shahid Kapoor exhibits his respect for elders

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

Shahid Kapoor

The chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor may be evolving an actor in bollywood industry with good offers lined up but he hasn’t forgotten the moral values he received during his childhood. And we can see him, the respect he holds for elders. A small impromptu press conference was called for his upcoming film ‘Kaminey’. But the number of journalists who came were in big numbers then expected such that there was no space on the set to accommodate them as the shoot was still on. So, it was decided the conference be conducted in his van.

Some chairs were put in the van and one especially for the actor by his staff member. But again when the journalists entered in there were not enough chairs for everyone. So, the actor offered his chair and sat down on the floor. He also made a request with other junior journalist to vacate the chairs and settle down on the floor so that the senior journalists can be seated comfortably.

Once everyone had settled, for the next hour he answered all the questions cheerfully.


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