Kareena Kapoor gets hooked to the internet

>> Friday, July 24, 2009


It seems social networking sites have become the latest fad with Bollywood celebrities who love to keep in touch with their fans on round the clock basis. Be it blogs or other social utilities, interaction of Bollywood actors with their fans has become quite common these days, all thank to the internet and plethora of social networking platforms.With Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan and Mallika Sherawat already making waves on internet, news has it that B-town lissome beauty Kareena Kapoor has been hooked to computers, courtesy Saif Ali Khan! Speaking to a news daily, Kareena said, “It was Saif who introduced me to the computer. He does practically all his work on the internet.

He coaxed me into understanding the basics.The actress maintained, “And then I got hooked, though not to social networking because I’m too private a person to share my day-to-day movements and activities even with my closest friends.For Kareena, she is simply amazed by the internet as, “I now realize it’s a whole large global community out there on the computer. I can’t blog about my life. But I need to understand and connect with the internet community. I’ve been repeatedly told that I’ve the maximum number of fans and well-wishers on Facebook. I could never find the time to connect with them.

The waiflike lass further added, “Imtiaz said the number of people on Facebook who put up my pictures and messages about me had to be seen to be believed. I’ll now be going on Facebook in a few days to interact with my friends there. Well, internet has found a new fan in Kareena!


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