Girls all over Emraan Hashmi

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Emraan Hashmi

The serial kisser was at the receiving end of kisses from his female fans in Kolkata last week while promoting his upcoming film Tum Mile, co-starring Soha Ali Khan.Emraan Hashmi was caught off guard while he was about to step onto an escalator in a mall where the promotional event was being held.

A group of his female fans approached him quietly and threw themselves upon him.
One of the girls planted kisses on Emi boy’s cheeks. In the melee, Emraan’s shirt ripped apart. The actor took this outpouring of adulation from female fans sportingly, even though he emerged out of it with lip-stick stains on his cheek and a torn shirt.

The next thing Emraan did was to buy a brand new shirt and replace it with the torn one. Emraan made a light of the whole incident but his wife Parveen might be feeling a bit jealous.


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