Shahid not too happy about his vegetarian ways!

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shahid Kapoor

Bollywood’s much-celebrated vegetarian Shahid Kapur doesn’t seem very happy for being the way he is! The actor recently revealed that he is not too happy with the limited variety of food that he gets whenever he is out of India, because he is a staunch vegetarian.A few months back, Shahid was voted as the ‘Sexiest Vegetarian in Asia’ in a poll conducted by PETA.And now, the actor is a feeling a bit edgy as he is all set to fly to Bangkok for a shooting schedule, since he is worried about the fact that he won’t get sufficient variety of veg food there.

The actor revealed that he also had a tough time for the same reason in the US where he stayed for 40 days last month while shooting for the same film. A friend of Shahid says, “Shahid serves non-vegetarian food to his friends whenever he has a party at home but himself is a staunch vegetarian. He doesn’t even eat eggs.”“Many hotels abroad do not have much to offer as far as vegetarian food is concerned.

When he was in the US last month, his man Friday had to especially instruct the chefs in the hotel what he likes and dislikes so that they could accordingly cook for him. A similar thing might happen in Bangkok,” adds Shahid’s friend.


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