Ranbir Kapoor’s new girls fight it out

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ranbir Kapoor

Well, on the one hand there’s this young debutant Shazahn Padamsee who claims to be great friend of the Kapoor boy and is cast opposite him in YRF’s next Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year. And on the other hand, there’s model turned actress Gauhar Khan who’s finally bagged a big role for herself who claims it’s her the audience will remember after watching Rocket Singh. Just the other day, at the wrap up party of the film, the air around the two ladies was sub-zero. Made me want to go back and get my mink coat. (Oh my! Is it illegal these days?). However, after catching a terrible cold post that, Juicy Mausi just couldn’t resist doing a little snoopin’ around. And guess what all people said.

A little birdie who kept hovering around the unit during the making of the film told me that Shazahn was more of show off than anything else. Apparently she has been doing all it takes to publicise herself. She had started talking about her acting and dancing classes and all of that when she had only shot for four days. She even went around saying that she had nothing to do with Gauhar. She hasn’t shot with Gauhar (they have, actually, ONCE). And that she has only shot with Ranbir who happens to be a great friend.Also, Shazahn apparently was heard saying that though she has only shot for four days as opposed to the four months of Gauhar, it is the quality of work and the character that defines who the female lead inthe film is.

Not too tactful, huh? Me thinks these young ones have to grow up so much! I mean, just see the way Gauhar handled the entire situation. My friend, the little birdie, went to ask her about all that was going on. The Khan girl said that she definitely has not interacted with Padamsee on a ’social’ level. (How about anti-social level? One wonders…). And about who’s playing the lead, Gauhar was heard saying that though Shazahn is cast opposite Ranbir, she did not think she could be called the ‘lead’. In fact the ‘lead’ should be the one who leaves an impression on the audience. And well, she very diplomatically left it to the audience to decide.

WOW. Wonder what Ranbir boy was doing between the two women. Probably enjoying the fireworks, eh?


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