Asin in trouble

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

Asin came to Bollywood with a bang with Ghajini and later everything was brought to dust when London Dreams flopped. She was being touted as the next big Sridevi who could take over Bollywood. But as the Vipul Shah film flopped poorly, she doesn’t have takers. And mind you the film was riding on the shoulders of Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan.
Asin who had by that time started showing a lot of irritability and attitude at commercial shoots as well as when it came to taking script narrations has been pulled back by a few yards now.Asin is wondering what her next step should be. Should she wait for some more better offers to come her way or should she pack her bags up and go back home.
Last heard, she had some B grade offers which she doesn’t even want to come close to and is not even acknowledging that she met the people concerned for the said B grade films.


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