Hrithik Roshan’s all apprehensions

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hrithik Roshan is a nervous wreck. He just released the music of his forthcoming film ‘Kites’ and is waiting for feedback on it.He has incidentally sung a song in the film and that is what makes him so anxious.“It’s finally time to face the music! Literally! Yup, I have sung for kites, rather tried to! Idea was to be honest to the grammer so no lip sync!” says Hrithik.
Interestingly he gets embarrassed as people ask him about the song.  He however requests everyone to give the opinions only once they have heard him on a proper CD and not on TV.“I hope I am not judged by telecast sound quality. Please give me your feedback only once you have heard the CD!” he says. His fans are already pouring in with praises though across the net.
Looks like Hrithik is a winner here!


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