Hydrophobic Ranbir Kapoor went underwater

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not lots of people know that Ranbir Kapoor has hydrophobia. And his phobia of water came to haunt him during a current shoot for a dream adventure game for a cola brand. Ranbir had to stay underwater for about four hours for the shoot and was quite nervous to begin with. However, it was actor Sanjay Dutt who came to Ranbir’s rescue. Even Sanjay was part of the same shoot.
A source present on the sets says, “Ranbir chose to perform his own stunts without a body double. In spite of having hydrophobia, he went ahead and shot for the four-hour underwater sequence himself.”  The source adds, “Sanjay Dutt had already done underwater stunts effectively in films like Blue.So Ranbir Kapoor decided to take his guidance to overcome his phobia.
Sanjay went through the entire drill of pulling off an underwater stunt with Ranbir and that really gave him a lot of assurance. Now, he has said goodbye to his fear forever


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